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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Membership / Registration / Membership Services

What is Socratic Forum?

Socratic Forum is designed to provide ongoing communication with a select group of business decision-makers who provide input into their companies' purchases of output devices and solutions.

Your participation is always 100% voluntary, and all the information you provide to us will remain confidential. Each time you participate in one of our Web-based surveys, you'll be given chances to win cash and other prizes.

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How do I participate in Socratic Forum surveys?

As a Socratic Forum member all you have to do now is watch your email for survey invitations. We'll invite you to surveys we think you'll be qualified for based on the profile you provided during registration. Survey invitations will include the topic of the study, approximate length of time needed to complete the survey, the reward or incentive we are offering for taking the survey, and the URL where you can access the survey on the Web. You are never obligated to participate.

How frequently do I have to participate?

It is completely up to you! There is no minimum number of times you must participate in our surveys, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

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What if I don't have time to participate?

Sometimes panel members are either too busy to respond to a survey invitation while the survey is 'active' or they do not receive the email invitation until after the survey 'closes.' No problem! If you can't participate in a particular survey, just ignore the email invitation.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or problems?

We'd like to hear from you, and we promise a quick response! If you have questions about Socratic Forum or a specific survey, you can communicate with us by email, postal mail, or by phone. Visit our Contact Us page for contact information.

How do I 'unsubscribe' from Socratic Forum?

You can unsubscribe in one of three ways:

  1. Log in and visit the Your Profile page. Click on the 'Unsubscribe' button to automatically unsubscribe.
  2. Send an email to our Member Services Manager, with the words 'Remove - Socratic Forum' in the body.
  3. Call our toll-free number: 1-800-5-SOCRATIC (1-800-576-2728).

Surveys and Opportunities

I haven't received an email invitation in a while. What's up?

Most likely, we haven't had a survey that would be appropriate or interesting to you based on the profile you provided when you registered. Or, if you've changed email addresses since you joined Socratic Forum, it is possible that the contact information we have for you is outdated. If you suspect that this is the case, you can easily update your contact information on this site. Go to Your Profile to update your information.

After I receive an email invitation to take a survey, how long do I have to complete it?

Surveys are usually available on the Web for three to five days. How long the survey is 'active' depends on how many respondents we need, qualifications of respondents, and how quickly members respond.

How long are Socratic Forum surveys?

Every survey is different - some are very short and take only 5 minutes, while others are longer and take up to 20 to 25 minutes. We'll typically disclose the approximate survey length in your email invitation so that you can choose when, and if, to participate. We realize that your time is valuable, so longer surveys offer bigger prizes or more chances to win.

If I receive an email invitation, does that mean I'm automatically qualified for the survey?

No. Based on the information you provide when you register, we'll invite you to surveys for which you are likely to qualify. Sometimes, however, there are additional 'screening' questions to ensure the respondents we interview are the correct match (e.g., people who have purchased a computer within the last 6 months).

I tried to take a survey, but was told that I didn't qualify. What does that mean?

We do our best to invite you to surveys you'll be qualified for based on the information you provided when you registered. However, sometimes we have additional 'Screening Questions' to confirm that we interview only the correct cross-section of people.

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Can my friends and family become members of Socratic Forum?

Yes, we welcome you to invite your friends and business colleagues to join. It easy, all you have to do is visit our Refer a Friend or Colleague page.

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Privacy Policy

How do you use the information I provide when I register?

The information you provide to us when you register is used only for the purposes of better understanding your interests, activities and profile. No one else will have access to your name, address, email or any other personal information. We respect your privacy and hold this information completely confidential. Your answers will be combined with hundreds of other participants' answers and only reported in total. Click here to view our complete Privacy Policy.

Is my name going to wind up on other mailing lists?

Absolutely not! We consider your privacy to be of the utmost importance to our business and to the success of the Internet as a whole. No one else will have access to your name, address, email or any other personal information. No one will try to sell you anything, and no other organization will contact you for any purpose as a result of joining Socratic Forum or for taking our surveys.

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Rewards of Membership

How and when will I be rewarded for my participation in a survey?

We realize that your time is valuable, so we reward you for your participation in our surveys. Most surveys offer drawings for online gift certificates, cash prizes, or electronic equipment. A number of surveys also offer guaranteed incentive payments to members who qualify for and complete those surveys. Both the number and dollar amount of gifts we offer for taking a survey depend on the length and difficulty of the survey. Longer and more complicated surveys offer larger gifts or more chances to win.

How will I know if I win a prize?

Winners are notified by email. The names of prize winners are also posted on the Socratic Forum Web site on the Prizes & Winners page.

How can I learn more about the official prize drawings?

Socratic Forum has put together a document detailing our 'official' drawing rules and regulations.

Help! Technical Difficulties

I was taking a survey but was interrupted before I finished the survey. Can I continue?

Depending on your browser capabilities, you should easily be able to resume the survey where you left off (assuming the survey is still 'active'). If your browser does not support this functionality, you may have to start the survey from the beginning. To resume the survey, either click on or copy and paste into your browser the original URL you used to start. Be sure to use the same email address to enter the survey that you previously used.

I tried to take a survey and got a 'file not found' error message.

Check to make sure the URL you are using is correct. Depending on your browser capabilities, you should be able to click on the survey URL in your email invitation to begin. You can also copy and paste the URL into your browser. If you choose to type the URL, be sure to type it exactly as it appears in your email invitation (please note that all survey URLs are case sensitive). Additionally, confirm that you are using the same email address where you received your survey invitation to access the survey. Unless specified otherwise, all of our surveys are programmed to work only with the email address to where we addressed the survey invitation.


If my email or mailing address changes, how do I update my membership information?

It's simple! Just go to the Your Profile page and enter your new contact information. Fill out the form and then click 'Submit.' Your membership profile will be immediately updated.

I still have a question!

If we still haven't answered your question, visit the Contact Us page.

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